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TeamSmile Provides Dental Services to Underserved Children


Kansas City, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/23/2015 -- It is a well-known fact that many children shy away from visiting the dentist due to dental anxiety. To combat this, Dr. Bill Busch of NKC Dental created and co-founded TeamSmile, a nonprofit dental organization whose mission is to build partnerships between oral health professionals and professional athletic organizations.

TeamSmile provides underserved children with a life-changing dental experience in which the excitement and allure of high-profile sports reinforces the value of a life-long commitment to dental health care.

Dr. Busch noticed that even dental-phobic children would get excited about going to a sports stadium to receive dental care because they knew they would also get to meet players, cheerleaders, and mascots from the team.

"I believe that most children are familiar with their hometown sports teams," says Dr. Busch, "and they look up to the players on these teams. I created TeamSmile because I realized that if we could take the spirit behind sport organizations and add it to a dental outreach event, we would create an experience that would actually make children want to visit the dentist."

On April 7, TeamSmile headed out to Utah to provide dental treatment for underserved children in the area. This was done in partnership with Utah Jazz, an American professional basketball franchise based in Salt Lake City.

Eight dentists, 16 dental assistants, 10 dental hygienists and 25 volunteers teamed up for the event, which was a resounding success. TeamSmile served 198 children that day, providing $98,430 worth of treatment. They accomplished 101 fillings, 114 sealants, 41 extractions and two pulpotomies (removal of infected portions of the pulp tissue to prevent loss of the tooth).

Dr. Busch is among a select group of dentists in the country who have achieved Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry.

To make an appointment with Dr. Busch, call 816-471-2911. TeamSmile can be contacted at kellie@teamsmile.org. A representative will send you a marketing kit for hosting an outreach program in your community.