Mini Melts USA, Inc.

Mini Melts USA, Inc. Looking for Vending Operators in All Areas of the Country


Norwich, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/23/2015 -- As the summer heat rolls in and ice cream is becoming a hot seller, Mini Melts USA, Inc. (MMUSA) is now looking for vending machine operators. Selling quality beaded ice cream that is a favorite of customers throughout the country, operators will enjoy their partnership with a leading ice cream brand. It is a simple process to take advantage of the opportunity to own the best ice cream franchise alternative, and MMUSA offers financing options for a low-cost startup.

Vending operators are in control of their machine, making sure it is stocked, kept at the appropriate temperature, and placed in a successful location. Working with MMUSA enables entrepreneurs and business professionals to take advantage of a proven method for sales and increased revenue. With the ability to purchase a unique vending machine business for sale at an affordable price, there are limitless opportunities. Keep track of the ice cream inventory via text message alerts when the supply is running low.

Expanding the business model to a broad variety of locations, MMUSA offers exceptional customer service and support to all their partners. Business owners can collaborate with representatives of the company to understand their processes and method for success. MMUSA encourages their partners to maintain their commitment to quality and passion for the product. Operators can place their machine in high-traffic areas to make the most of their business venture. Whether a shopping mall, theme park, carnival, sporting event, or tourist attraction, choose a prominent location and watch as the pre-cups begin to sell at all hours of the day.

If interested in starting a business and reaping the benefits of sales at all hours of the day, becoming an operator is a stress-free process. Reach out to MMUSA to get started, and receive the package needed to get the venture under way. The package includes a vending machine, a storage freezer, a folding dolly, three coolers, and over 1,400 pre-cups of ice cream in various flavors. To learn more, please contact the company today.

About Mini Melts USA, Inc.
Mini Melts USA, Inc. manufactures its Mini MeltsĀ® ice cream in an 18,000 square foot facility in Norwich, CT and distributes it throughout the 48 contiguous United States under license from Mini Melts, Inc.

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