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Shanghai Weiye Is a Specialised Manufacturer of Various Fiber Optic Cable Machinery

Shanghai Weiye manufactures variety of fiber optical cable machineries. The company is known to product products which are durable and easy to operate.


Fengxian, Shanghai -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/23/2015 -- There is a surplus demand for different types of fiber optic cables in industries like telecommunication, defence, medical and many more. To meet this growing demand Shanghai Weiye has brought out variety of fiber optic cable machineries in the market. The company is primarily known for its manufacturing of optic fiber cable equipment products like optic fiber ribbon line, optical fiber drawing tower, optical fiber colouring machine and many more. Users can see all these products simply by visiting the site of the company. Each product offers detailed description and specifications. Such details allow the users to make a wide range of selection before purchasing or placing order in the site of the company.

The company is a major supplier of optical cable sheathing line machines from where fiber optic cables are extracted to be coated in the under-water hull of the ship through the process of sheathing. It comes with a screw extruder of 120 mm or 90 mm. The normal running speed of the machine is 80 m/min and consumes very limited power for generating. Its mechanical components primarily include hot melt applicator, Ripcord pay-off, Mylar tape pay-off and many more. Users just need to follow the technical manual while installing and operating this device. For any technical defects customers must inform the company immediately.

The firm is also specialised in manufacturing variety of secondary coating line products. These machines run at a maximum speed of around 350 m/min and mainly comprised of technical components like blowing dyer, diameter gauge, hot water tank and trough, 24 optical fiber pay-off and many other components. It mainly helps in the production of optical fibers for solid coating. Other machine products of the company primarily includes SZ Stranding Line, fiber proof testing machine, various types of indoor optical cables and many more. All its products do acquire the essential quality certification before being launched in the site for selling.

The products are manufactured under the supervision of the experienced engineers of the company. It has its own manufacturing plants that consist of mechanical components workshop, electrical components assembling workshop, surface treating workshop, metal operating workshop and many more. The company staffs mainly comprised of engineers are employed to enhance the service quality of these machines. To know more about the products and get answers to any queries customers can get in touch with the representatives using email and other contact options.

About Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd
Shanghai Weiye is a specialised manufacturer of variety of fiber optic cable machinery. The company is in this business for more than 15 years with decent reputation in the domestic and international markets. The products have high working speed and functions automatically. For further information viewers can log on to the site.

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