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Risong Polypipe Manufactures a Range of Plastic Pipes and Fittings

Risong Polypipe Manufacturer Co. Ltd is a China based company that specializes in manufacturing plastic pipes and fittings. It is equipped with advanced technology and trained professionals.


Shaoxing, Zhejiang -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/23/2015 -- Single layer and multiple layer pipes serve variety of purpose. Different establishments like home, offices, schools, colleges and library have their individualistic set of piping systems. They are the most reliable components in a wide range of plumbing systems. Risong Polypipe Manufacturer Co. Ltd is a two decade old company manufacturing and selling 300 different products of plastic pipes and fittings. These pipes are mainly used for water drainage, water supply, under floor heating system, and gas delivery purposes.

The HDPE pipes are suitable for a wide range of applications such as landfill, energy, municipal, industrial, geothermal and more. This piping system is known for durability, strength, flexibility, lightweight and easy to use. Whenever these pipes are fused together for a purpose, they ensure a zero leak rate as the fusion process gives rise to monolithic HDPE piping system. These HDPE pipe fittings are designed and manufactured in a way to be environmentally sustainable. They are chemical resistant, non toxic and corrosion free. Owing to their flexibility, it ensures a long life and suitable for trenchless installation methods.

The Risong made HDPE pipes are prepared from high quality PE100 raw materials. Their sizes can range from 20-1000mm and performance meets ISO4427:1996 and GB13663-2000 standards. These pipes could be manufactured with five pressure ratings which are SDR17-PN10 bars, SDR13.6-PN12.5 bars, SDR21-PN6 bars, etc. The available standard colours are blue or black colour along with four blue strips. It can be supplied in bars at up to 5.8 or 11.9 metres. There are socket fusion fittings and electro fusion fittings available for sale.

Risong Polypipe has butt fusion HDPE pipe fittings which are a more economical option. These fittings are primarily connected with HDPE pipes by the butt fusion method. Only qualified and trained professionals are needed to join these fittings with the HDPE pipes. A strong joint is dependent upon several factors like heating time, proper heating temperature, correct pressure and changeover time. Risong has wide selection of butt fusion pipe fittings whose size varies from 63mm to 800mm.

In order to connect these pipes and fittings, Risong has a wide selection of butt fusion welding machines. There are end caps, steel backing rings, elbow, equal and repair saddle. Customers can also make a selection from PRP piping systems, multilayer piping systems, and PEX piping systems as per their requirements. Risong has advanced machinery, trained workers, and technology driven approach. The company has been successful in extending business to more than 30 countries.

About Risong Polypipe Manufacturer Co. Ltd
Risong Polypipe Manufacturer Co. Ltd is one of China's biggest pipe and fittings manufacturer with an annual output of 20,000 tons. The ISO certified company maintains total quality system in their production and marketing strategies. Quality checks are conducted at each stage starting from sourcing raw materials to final delivery of product. Visit the website for more information on products offered.

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