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G. Cannon Roofing and Siding Available to Install Gutters in Chester County


King of Prussia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/24/2015 -- Over the years, the Greater Philadelphia Area has seen an increase in rainfall during the spring and summer. The heavier and more persistent rain means that gutters are even more necessary for homeowners in the area. G. Cannon Roofing and Siding are best known in the Philadelphia area as roofing contractors serving Phoenixville and nearby towns, but they also install high-quality gutters in Chester County and the rest of the area.

Homeowners need gutters to product their homes from water damage. Missing, damaged or leaky gutters place homes at risk for foundational damage as well as damage to the roof and other parts of the house. In order to combat this problem, G. Cannon Roofing and Siding uses the highest quality materials and craftsmanship when they install gutters in Chester County homes.

G. Cannon Roofing and Siding installs seamless gutters, which have the advantage of being leak-proof, as opposed to seamed gutters, which can let water escape through their seams. The company also uses aluminum gutters, as opposed to steel. Aluminum does not rust, is lighter than steel and does not need to be frequently repainted. For extra strength, G. Cannon Roofing and Siding uses the heaviest gauge of aluminum coils available and attaches them with hidden hangers reinforced by heavy-duty screws.

G. Cannon Roofing and Siding pays attention to the appearance of gutters as well as their functionality. Some homeowners avoid installing gutters because they dislike having a limited range of colors or the sight of chipping paint on gutters. However, not only does G. Cannon Roofing and Siding offer gutters in a range of 14 colors—from soft eggshell white to bold green and red—but they also place a 20-year guarantee on all finishes. Furthermore, the overall workmanship of each gutter comes with a five-year guarantee.

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G. Cannon Roofing and Siding performs roofing installations, maintenance and repairs throughout the greater Philadelphia area. The company won the 2012 GAF Training Excellence Award for their intensive training process for all employees. By continuously upgrading their materials and industry knowledge, G. Cannon Roofing and Siding provides the most reliable service in the area.

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