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Gershon, Willoughby, Getz & Smith, LLC Announces the Launch of Their New Website


Baltimore, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/24/2015 -- For many years, the attorneys of Gershon, Willoughby, Getz & Smith, LLC have worked hard to defend the rights of their clients when it comes to medical malpractice. The law firm is pleased to announce that they have launched their new website to reintroduce their online presence, which went live this month. Their new website was redeveloped with a new design and updated with information about their topnotch legal services. Clients can visit the new website of Gershon, Willoughby, Getz & Smith, LLC to learn more about the law firm and their services, as well as gain useful information about medical malpractice cases.

Through the new website, clients can learn about the legal services of Gershon, Willoughby, Getz & Smith, LLC, which concentrate largely on cerebral palsy cases. The team of attorneys aim to reach out to the surrounding community by providing a digital base that will allow interaction with clients. Individuals who feel that they have been a victim of medical malpractice can use the law firm's website to contact the lawyers and sign up for a free consultation concerning their situation. Gershon, Willoughby, Getz & Smith, LLC is an experienced medical malpractice law firm that has won numerous six-figure settlements for their clients.

In many scenarios where cases were rejected by other lawyers, the cerebral palsy lawyers of Baltimore, MD, stepped up to the challenge and were successful in winning large sum awards for the victims. The attorneys are highly qualified professionals that are well versed in the medical field, as well as law, which puts clients at an advantage when it comes to their case.

For more information on the legal services of Gershon, Willoughby, Getz & Smith, LLC, please visit their new website at Individuals in the Baltimore, MD, region in search of a cerebral palsy injury lawyer can call the law firm at 877-292-6491 for a free consultation.

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GWGS is a nationally recognized medical malpractice and cerebral palsy law firm, which includes doctor-lawyers who represent birth injured children in Maryland, the District of Columbia and throughout the United States on a pro hoc vice basis (with permission of the court).

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