Fashion Retailers Are Lining Up to Work with These Guys


Warrington, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/24/2015 -- You never know where your career path will take you.

When Matt Freedman, the award-winning marketer and product inventor, started helping small startup brands like Jeremy Argyle, Canoos and Duke & Winston build their eCommerce stores, he had plenty of experience to draw from. He had sold software and built brands, and had several tech-startups of his own. He knew that advising brands that he was a fan and customer of could turn into something big, but he didn't realize just how quickly.

"Matt's branding eye and ability to generate world-class experiences is clever, forward-thinking and unique" said Brian Guttman, founder of NYC men's shirt maker, Jeremy Argyle. "His company Liftory helped us navigate the eCommerce landscape starting with our customers and our story. They are instrumental in getting us to the next level."

Designers like these are popping up all over the world, due to the narrowing barriers to entry in online retail through platforms like Shopify, Symphony Commerce, WebLinc and others. It seems there is a new cultural surge of creative brands out there. Whereas the world saw a surge in indie-rock musicians when Apple installed Garage Band on MacBooks in the early 2000's, now the creative outlet seems to be retail brands. And it's never been easier to start. The hard part is getting noticed, growing the company and generating sales.

"In the world of online retail, more specifically fashion retail, there is a vast gap between who a brand may perceive their customers to be versus who their customer actually is, because pure-play online retailers don't get to meet their customers face to face," says Freedman. "It seems the brands who can navigate that delta and write a story that aligns with their customer's belief system are the ones that are winning online. They are the ones who can have the biggest impact and build scalable, profitable businesses."

eCommerce, specifically in online apparel and accessories, totaled $43.3 billion in 2014 and is expected to grow through 2018 with the largest opportunities being in mobile eCommerce.

It seems through the growth explosion of eCommerce and mobile commerce, there is a formula that Freedman has discovered to try and understand the "new" kind of online customer.

"Our goal is to treat our online customers the same way we treat our family in real life," says Freedman. "In our everyday lives, we categorize thousands of relationships without even realizing it. Online, we tend to treat everyone the same because the eCommerce marketing channel is relatively new. What we do at Liftory is categorize our online relationships the same we do in our every day lives to create a natural conversation with our best customers. This is what they expect and deserve from us."

Freedman is the author of the e-book "meCommerce: The Study of Website Humanization & Formula for Curating a Raving Fan Base," available on The book describes how retailers can formulate relationships based on algorithms to treat their best customers the best, and determine who those people are face to face.

The agency draws from a number of data sources, forging partnerships with digital platforms like Shopify and Symphony Commerce while compiling the acceleration with marketing tactics like SEO, SEM, social media, conversion rate optimization and personalization.

Several of the Liftory team members are alumni of Monetate, the SaaS based marketing technology for online retailers which does personalization and A/B testing for over 150 fashion brands.

Their background at Monetate and other agencies like has given them the expertise to run multi-million dollar eCommerce businesses with very aggressive year over year growth goals.

"There is a formula to this business if you start with your customers and work your way out. Every business is vastly different so results, outcomes and growth timelines all look different," says Freedman. But even he admits, "There is no silver bullet in this business. We're students of the game and try to know as much as we can about our client's customers before we start speaking to them, or trying to find new ones. It's a giant puzzle, and we love putting it together."

eCommerce as a whole is poised to see sustained growth year over year according to Forrester and Gartner, the two governing bodies in eCommerce analytics.

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