Study Showed That Some Fibromyalgia Pain May Be Eased by Vitamin D


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/24/2015 -- Fibrolmyalgia makes patients suffer from various symptoms such as deep muscle pain, painful tender points, neck pain, unending back pain and chronic headaches. The pain that sufferers feel is often something that other people cannot understand. However, it seems that there is a natural treatment that can help them fight symptoms.

A study, which was published in the journal Pain, showed that some fibromyalgia pain may be eased by vitamin D. Patients who suffer from this condition that have low levels of vitamin D claimed that there was a slight decrease in the pain they were suffering from after they took vitamin D supplements for several months. However, they also noted that other symptoms remained unchanged.

"Fibromyalgia carries along widespread, chronic pain and other symptoms such as poor sleep, fatigue and mood changes. Although there are various medications that are used to treat it, only less than half of the patients benefit from these treatments," said VitaBreeze Supplements spokesperson, Michelle O'Sullivan.

The researchers analyzed 30 individuals who suffered from fibromyalgia and had blood levels of calcifediol, which is made by the body from vitamin D, that are moderately low. Calcifediol is used by healthcare providers to determine the vitamin D status of patients. Half of the group was given a vitamin D supplement on a daily basis and half was given a placebo for 25 weeks.

According to researchers, the group who received the supplements experienced a decrease of pain by 20 percent and those in the placebo remained unchanged. It was also found that other aspects of health such as those associated with nausea, headache, sensations of weakness, depression and indigestion demonstrated no improvements, with the exemption of morning fatigue and physical role functioning.

"The researchers also examined people who experienced other potential causes of pain such as rheumatic disease, including arthritis and herniated disks," added O'Sullivan.

It has not yet been established why vitamin D was highly associated with the reduction of pain. However, researchers believe that it may be due to the improvement of the muscular function. There is still doubt on the ability of vitamin D to ease chronic pain.

Jeffrey M. Thompson, M.D., associate professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation, stated that the study demonstrated supportive evidence, but it also didn't mean or prove that vitamin D was helpful. Dr. Thompson used to be the director of Mayo Clinic's fibromyalgia treatment program.

There are fibromyalgia sufferers who use a natural alternative known as glucosamine to achieve pain relief. This particular natural remedy is believed to be safer than pharmaceutical drugs. It contains powerful therapeutic substances that are potentially helpful for pain reduction (

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