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New Age Hygienic Systems, Creator of a Revolutionary Water-Conservation Toilet, Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Raise Production Funds

The creator of an environmentally friendly water-conservation toilet has now launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for the production and distribution of this unique and useful invention.


Redondo Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/24/2015 -- With the recent drought conditions in California, the state has imposed water restrictions.  One of the largest users of water in the world is the common toilet bowl, which still operates on the original suction method invented more than 200 years ago.  Now, low-flow toilets promise an end to wasteful water usage for toilets.  The inventor of one low-flow toilet mechanism, Dan Andreiu, CEO of New Age Hygienic Systems water-conservation toilet, has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to fund production and distribution of this environmentally sound mechanism.

In 2006, New Age Hygienic Systems began development of a new model of toilet that preservers water resources while at the same time flushing quickly and hygienically.  Using nanotechnology and working with the molecular properties of water for the transport of solid waste through pipelines and sewage systems, the company created a toilet that uses very little water per flush but still sanitizes the bowl after each use.  The complete, production-ready prototype is set up, and a manufacturer stands ready to begin production upon receipt of funding.

The device could save up to 25 percent of California's clean water supply if implemented universally.  However, with a less than glamorous product to offer, the industry has met with resistance from state agencies, politicians, venture capitalist, and others who might have the power to make such decisions.  Funds raised by the IndieGoGo campaign, located at, will be used to start up production at a factory equipped to deal with porcelain on an industrial scale.

Pledge levels range from $10 to $10,000, and perks or prizes range from credit on water bills to low-flow toilet units.  For more information, see the IndieGoGo page.

About New Age Hygienic Systems
New Age Hygienic Systems is a company that has created a unique, water-saving toilet system that could save California residents alone $10 million per day in water costs if implemented by everyone.  Now, in an effort to get the low-flow toilet to market, the company has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise production funds.

Contact Person:  Dan Andreiu
Company: New Age Hygienic Systems, Inc.
Address: Redondo Beach, California, USA
Phone:  3104305015