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Micro No More Universe 3D Awards 2010 Still Accepting Nominations, SMART and PLDT Prizes for Business at Stake

The Micro No More Universe 3D Awards is a competition organized by SEEDFINANCE aimed at finding successful PFI-supported client-operated enterprises that productively adopted and utilized new business innovations particularly the use of Mobile and Electronic Technology, Nature-friendly Methods and the Maximization of local resources.


Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/26/2010 -- In this year's Micronomore Universe National Stakeholders Conference that will be held in Cebu City, Oct. 20, 2010, one of the main highlights of the conference is The Micro No More Universe 3D Awards. This aims to celebrate, give due recognition and provide incentives to innovative micro- or small entrepreneurs for using mobile technology, clean energy and local resources in bringing his/her enterprise to the level of success, as well as to underscore business models that will build mass consciousness to the public that the use of technology, clean/renewable energy and utilization local resources are effective tools for sustainable enterprise development.

You can give them the opportunity be recognized by sending in your nominations now until October 17, 2010.

The Micro No More Universe 3D Awards is a competition organized by SEEDFINANCE aimed at finding successful PFI-supported client-operated enterprises that have made the most of the 3 dimensions (MNM) of business innovations in the fields of:

1. Mobile and Electronic Technology - the client uses, even on a limited scale, mobile phone or ATM for his/her business transactions. This may include payment and collection system using either SMART Money or through electronic banking of the PFI or ATM services.

2. Nature-friendly Methods - the client uses, even on a limited scale, clean/renewable energy to power up his/her enterprise or alternative fuel sources and recycling initiatives.

3. Maximization of local resources - the client is developing or patronizing locally-available supply of raw materials for his/her business and is not entirely dependent on semi-finished products of transnational corporations.

For the Micro No More Universe 3D Awards Grand Prize Winner , the winning client will receive a PLDT Business Connectivity package (Computer unit with internet connection), its Partner Financial Institution will also receive a SMART Internet TV and as for its RPO/BDA, a brand new digital camera. First Runner-Up Client will receive the Talk and Text Internet business console courtesy of SMART Telecommunications and lastly, the Second Runner-Up winning client will get to take home a Retailer Phone/SIM Business Package with SMART Money Card, also from SMART.


1. Nominees should be good-performing clients of SEEDFINANCE Partner Financial Institutions (PFIs).
2. Applicants for the awards are to be nominated by the RPO or BDA and endorsed by the Partner-Financial Institution.
3. Market value of the assets of nominated enterprise must be minimum of P300,000 up to a maximum of P5 million.
4. RPO or BDA submits a 1-page write-up on the enterprise with at least 3 pictures or a video showing the client with his/her economic activity and the product or service.


To nominate someone or to enter directly, please complete this nomination form, attach supporting documents, and email these to

The Micro No More Universe 3D Awards Committee will also accept your best audio-visual documentation to showcase your nominee at the awards rites. So please mail or courier your DVDs, CDs, and collateral to:

SEEDFINANCE Corporation, Unit 49 PARC House Building, 227 EDSA, Mandaluyong City Metro Manila, Philippines 1556

To register and more information about the Micronomore Universe National Stakeholders Conference on Oct. 20, in Cebu City please visit

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