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Elena Buchkovsky Introduces Innovative Renovations


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/26/2015 -- The famous New York City interior designer, Elena Buchkovsky introduces a new renovation proposal for Frank Gehry Spruce Street Tower.

Elena Buchkovsky has analyzed the tower and drafted a proposal to improve the already incredible statute of the building. "The entrance and the lobby was aimed to make the space feel like a luxury hotel, however, existing entrance and interior lobby is less than what can be expected from the building of such grandeur." states Elena Buchkovsky.

Elena's goal with her new, innovative renovation plan for the Spruce Tower is to give the building a revigorating lift. Her years of experience and knowledge in the industry make her stand out from other interior designers, giving all her past, present and future projects a unique edge. Elena Buchkovsky review of the Spruce building shows how much improvement, from the ceiling to the wall paintings, is needed for the tower. "There is no uniformity among the part of exterior and interior" states Elena.

Elena Buchkovsky's unique design skills will bring the Spruce tower the expertise it needs to bring the tower into a new level of luxury, thus attracting more clients, investors and public eye. The innovative renovations drafted and proposed by Elena Buchkovsky will be made public in 2015.

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Contact info:
Elena Buchkovsky
Address: 240 East 55th street, New York, NY 10022