RealtyPact Announces Availability of Free Offer to Purchase Real Estate Form

Used to kick off the real estate purchase process, company's free, downloadable Offer to Purchase form is of great value when working through for-sale-by-owner transactions, RealtyPact reports


Cleveland, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/29/2015 -- RealtyPact, one of the country's leading real estate document preparation services, has just released a new, free digital Offer to Purchase form at the company's website. Available entirely free of charge and without obligation to site visitors, the PDF real estate offer form can be used to complete the first step of any proposed real estate transaction. Simple and easy to complete, the free offer to purchase real estate form is a strong example of the kinds of affordable, accessible real estate documents that RealtyPact regularly makes available to clients in fully prepared form.

"With the high traffic at many real estate websites, it's pretty easy to list and sell your home on your own FSBO," RealtyPact representative Allen Freeman said, "But the paperwork for such a transaction has always been the biggest hurdle. Of course there are do-it-yourself products out there, but even choosing the proper documents to use can be confusing. RealtyPact takes all of that confusion out of the process by providing a professional preparer to help each user through the process. And that process starts with the Offer to Purchase Real Estate form we've just made available for free to anyone who needs it."

With nearly 10% of all home sales in the United States being handled by the their owners, instead of a designated agent, this style of property sales is an increasingly important one. Those who go this route, however, do face a number of challenges, with nearly one-fifth of them identifying paperwork as the greatest single hurdle, according to the National Association of REALTORS.

Since 2002, RealtyPact parent company Standard Legal has helped everyday people complete even what are sometimes considered among the most complicated of legal processes. The company's software products and digital legal forms make it as easy and simple as possible to work through everything from the creation of a legally enforceable last will and testament or living trust to a binding promissory note.

RealtyPact brings this unmatched level of expertise and experience to the realm of real estate, offering those who pursue for-sale-by-owner home sales and similar options accessible, affordable documents that make the process as easy as possible. Fully completed and with the details of each particular transaction already filled in, the company's documents are ready for signatures, requiring nothing more from buyers and sellers than review and the stroke of a pen.

The company's new, free fsbo home sale offer form will give website visitors a feeling for what they can expect in terms of the ease of working through RealtyPact. Unlike the company's popular, professionally completed, ready-for-signature documents, the form does require users to fill in a few straightforward details, something that typically takes only a few minutes. Once the form has been completed in this way, it can be presented by the buyer to the seller, starting off the sales process on solid legal ground and opening the way for the use of any of RealtyPact's highly affordable, fully prepared documents.

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