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Gadgin Releases New Selfie Stick on Amazon


Oakland, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/06/2015 -- Gadgin today announced that the June 20th release of the 2015 Selfie Stick Pro to be a success.

"We listen to our customers; they asked us for a selfie stick, and we delivered," said David Gonsales, CEO at Gadgin. "This is the best on the market — one used by professional photographers — with its versatile design, we believe anyone looking for a selfie stick will find this model to be the best."

The selfie stick is delivered with a waterproof monopod, a Bluetooth remote shutter, an adjustable phone holder and a mirror, making it a complete kit for anyone who would like to take selfies without straining out their arms or having to leave loved ones out of the picture.

The highly portable selfie stick has proved popular with buyers, gaining a plethora of plaudits and five-star reviews. To view the selfie stick and reviews, please visit Amazon today.

The selfie stick works with iPhone, Android, GoPro and Digital Cameras.

About Gadgin
Gadgin is a small family run business founded by a creative and young team with dreams.

They're not a big corporation, that's why they're truly focused on making you feel like a valued customer and member of a big family.

When you email them, one of their owners will respond as soon as they can (usually within hours). If you own one of Gadgin's products and it breaks, they will take care of it for you.

With Gadgin, you're NEVER just a customer, they value your feedback and opinions on our products and strive to provide top notch customer service every single time you interact with this company.

John Green, PR Manager
Address: 4312 Austin Avenue, Oakland, CA 94612
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