Dearmob Has an iMac 8K Player That Can Make Almost Everything Watchable


Chengdu, Sichuan -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/29/2015 -- DearMob team steps forward in the competition by leveraging the greatest strength of its player for iMac 8K to attract attentions –announcing "We are all ready for the next res revolution!"

In response to iMac 8K rumors and YouTube 8K video, Dearmob, one of the burgeoning yet promising mobile software companies, revealed its professional 8K video player -5KPlayer, for iMac with 5K/4K retina display, compatible with the forthcoming iMac 8K, even if it ends up as a false illusion.

This 8K iMac player keeps up with 8K 7680x4320 res trend by laying its emphasis on iMac 8K with sheer pin-point clarity and bright colors detailed to every pixel. "It's not a wise move to release an iMac 8K player based on rumors, but what we are doing is to demonstrate our capability of presenting the best video playback quality ever ahead of this 4K/5K res era, letting people truly get the chances to touch the future beyond the future," said by Cecelia, the supervisor of sales department.

For more information about this free iMac 8K Player and how to download and play YouTube 8K video –Ghost Town, please read:

The LG rumor goes?"Apple has also announced that they will release the 'iMac 8K'with a super-high resolution display later this year." And today, we have 8K cameras produced by Japan, 8K video resources provided by YouTube and even Microsoft is equipping 8K display on their Windows 10 computer. All these facts manifest a promising trend that 8K res and higher are the stars of next stage and that 8K iMac is really gaining momentum!

Rumor ends with wise men, but it seems that the rumors concerning Apple Company can only be stopped by Apple. Yet till now, Apple keeps silent towards its 8K iMac rumor and LG has also deleted the original post about 8K iMac release. The more you hide, the more is exposed. Then, the question is, if there's really an 8K iMac coming out this year with growing number of 8K video sources, which player shall we choose for iMac 8k retina display? Hum…it seems that Dearmob is getting prepared ahead of time.

Highlights of the iMac 8K player:

5KPlayer characterizes mainly in:

*Ultra HD Video-Music Playback quality

5KPlayer achieves its consistent style by boosting super high playback quality, supporting Quad Ultra HD 8K/5K/4K videos and 7.1 surround sound. It supports res of 7680x4320 and even videos in 10/16K very smoothly. This iMac 8K player also supports all popular file formats so as to endow Mac computers to play 3D movies, FLV, AVI, MOV, M4V, DIVX, ACC formats with no hassle.

*Online video downloader for over 300 websites

This iMac 8K player offers over 300 online website to free download 8K videos/music. Video sharing sites and online video/music sites like YouTube, Facebook, VEVO, Viemo, Dailymotion, etc. are all subscribed to its download source.

*AirPlay, with built-in Bonjour Protocol that enables 8K video/music AirPlay between multi-platforms.

5KPlayer automatically detects the AirPlay compatible devices on the same Wi-Fi network, empowering iMac with 8K/5K/4K display to stream media contents and receive streams seamlessly and effortlessly, with no plug-ins or extra installations.

System Requirement:

* Mac OS X Lion (10.7) and above
* on least 1GB of RAM

Pricing and Availability:

The cost-free iMac 8K player is now available for Mac OS X Lion, mountain lion and Yosemite on 5KPlayer Official Website, totally clean and adds-free.

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