Codal Launches 'Seekin the Beacons' Challenge to Win an Apple Watch at Techweek Chicago

Codal is bringing the next generation application of bluetooth beacons to the forefront at Chicago’s Techweek.


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/29/2015 -- Codal is bringing the next generation application of bluetooth beacons to the forefront at Chicago's Techweek. With a brand new Codal App, the goal is to demonstrate the potential of this new technology in the IoT field. In the process, Codal will give away an Apple Watch alongside the launch.

The 'Seekin The Beacons' challenge is all about finding bluetooth-optimized beacons during Techweek. These beacons are small devices mounted to a wall, table, or display. When users open their Codal App, it will be able to identify and notify users that they have found a beacon. Clues will be provided about the location of the beacons. Codal has partnered with upcoming exhibitors who will host the beacons.

Once in an identified booth, the user will hold their mobile device one foot away from the beacon, which unlocks the screen and pushes a notification that the beacon was found. After finding all three beacons, the user will share their achievement to Twitter, by tweeting to @gocodal using hashtag #SeekinTheBeacons. This will count as an entry to win an Apple Smartwatch in Codal's 'end of Techweek' raffle.

Beacons are just one type of hardware integration that has hopped on the innovative and emerging internet of things or 'IoT' market. This technology will soon be a staple in retail, automotive, education, public transportation, and any industry where automated communication improves growth. From keyless entry, to automated 'clocking in,' to in-store dynamic maps, beacons will serve to address problems that exist in-venue and in-store.

Chicago's Techweek saw nearly 14,000 attendees in 2014 and is expected to see more in 2015. The sheer diversity of industries that Techweek services will help spark and educate leaders, users, and all those in between to engage in IoT, first hand. Over 200 speakers were present last year as well. This year there will be a noticeable amount of speakers who are not in executive roles. The organizers made an effort to bring to the stage individuals who are in the field. That way, instead of 200 CEO's, there will be SCRUM Masters, logistics experts, and of course, those working in the IoT field. The conference begins June 22nd and concludes on the 28th. Tickets can be purchased at Tickets for the Expo Hall are free.

Codal's App will be available for download prior to Techweek beginning. It will be featured both on the Apple App Store and on Google Play. Codal's booth is #1131 located on floor nine. For more information about the #SeekinTheBeacon challenge or to download the Codal App: iOS ( & Android (

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