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Dr. Workman Eases Patients' Fears with Sedation Dentistry


Glen Ellyn, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/30/2015 -- It is not completely unheard of for people to hide their smiles simply due to lack of time or fear of dental visits. With the development of new and safe sedation techniques, Dr. John Workman of Dental Artistry is able to perform dental treatments with oral conscious sedation or I.V. sedation. An in-house anesthesiologist handles the anesthesia and monitors the patient's vital signs, allowing Dr. Workman to focus on providing quick, safe, and stress-free treatment.

"While there are many people who do not have the time to make repeated trips to the dentist to complete extensive treatments, there are also those who completely avoid seeing the dentist out of fear or anxiety," says Dr. Workman.

Sedation helps patients relax to the point where they are virtually unaware of treatment, waking gently at the end of the procedure with very little or no memory of what occurred. Using this technique, the majority of people who have put off dental visits due to anxiety and fear are now presented with the opportunity to have years of dental neglect repaired in a comfortable manner.

Oral sedation involves taking a small pill shortly before your dental appointment. Upon arrival at the office for your appointment, the staff helps you rest comfortably. Although you remain conscious throughout treatment, you will be largely unaware of what is going on. In fact, most patients report little or no memory of their treatment afterwards. Dr. Workman closely monitors vital signs to ensure safety.

Intravenous sedation differs in that the sedation medicine is delivered through an IV line placed gently in the arm.

Dr. Workman and his team also make use of a dental surgical center called ImplantWide for the placement of dental implants. Everything needed for each treatment procedure is provided, allowing them to focus completely on ensuring that the patient receives the very best care at the highest safety standards.

Who would be a good candidate for sedation dentistry? "Anyone who fears the dentist, has had traumatic dental experiences, has difficulty responding to anesthesia, or feels that they do not have enough time to complete dental care—these are good nominees for sedation dentistry. Patients who fear needles or who are very embarrassed about the state of their teeth may also consider sedation dentistry," Dr. Workman responds.

About Dr. Workman
Dr. Workman graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor's degree in Comparative Anatomy and a Minor in English Literature. He then pursued postgraduate dental education at Loyola University of Chicago Dental School, where he graduated in 1983.

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