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Guangzhou, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/30/2015 -- The future goal of ApparelWin is to make the world see the transition of Chinese apparel manufacture industry and let everyone around the world wear the clothes which are created by ApparelWin. At the same time, follow the reform of traditional industry, the mission of ApparelWin is to promoting Chinese Apparel Producing Culture and be the guide of changing Chinese garment manufacturing industry.

In order to fulfill its ambition, ApparelWin will introduce and train more excellent designers who will stress on original design, craftsmanship and details, putting more ethnic elements into design. In that sense, under the support of manufacture union, ApparelWin make the manufacture not just the "copy", but combines minds of innovation to produces with original design. Never Try, Never Know, ApparelWin is another China's dream which holds by a group of 90s with the mission to make our world more beautiful.

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