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Diet Doc Focuses on the Difference Between Their Medical Diet Plans and Fad Diets

Unlike fad diets, Diet Doc distinguishes themselves among the competition by providing sound nutritional plans that are specific to each patient’s needs while delivering safe, fast and sustainable weight loss to people throughout the country


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/01/2015 -- Anyone who has lost weight or attended a nutrition class can claim to be a dietary expert and create a weight loss blog or even a fad diet. As difficult as it is to believe, many people actually fall prey to ridiculous theories and fad diets, such as the Cookie diet, the Cereal diet, or the miracle weight loss powder diet. And, while it is fairly simple to recognize the outrageous claims of many fad diets, even some of the most well-known diets can lack critical components. One such diet, for example, allows patients the freedom to eat as much bacon and fried chicken as they desire, without mentioning the effects of increased cholesterol and heart attack risk. Another requires either a degree in mathematics or that their dieters carry a points card wherever they go. And, while these diets may be initially effective for some patients, the truth is that common sense is often overlooked when searching for the best diet plan. For this reason, Diet Doc combined decades of scientific and nutritional research with the most modern understanding, the most up to date technology and a staff of experts who are specially trained in the art and science of safe and fast weight loss, enabling the company to become a reliable and trusted staple in the industry.

The goal of any diet plan should be to lose weight and keep it off long term. A successful diet plan is one that is sustainable and promotes health and wellness. Being able to fit into tight jeans for a couple of weeks or having more energy for a month is not sufficient. Looking great two years from now and living 5-10 years longer is really the ultimate goal.

At its most basic level, food provides fuel and substance to sustain life. Eating behavior itself is very complex, influenced by a variety of internal and external factors, varying from one person to the next. Therefore, simple solutions for effective, long term weight loss do not exist and diets that work for one person may not necessarily result in weight loss success for another.

Dieters are quite often much more successful in avoiding fad diets and finding the diet that will work best for them by addressing four simple questions that include:

- Is the diet plan healthy? Does it provide adequate nutritional value to keep the body operating at optimal capacity during dieting?
- Is the diet plan sustainable or will it quickly leave the dieter feeling bored and yearning for fattening, high carbohydrate foods?
- Is the diet plan customized to each patient's personal needs? Is it compatible with medical conditions and prescription medications?
- Does the diet plan offer close support and coaching to ensure long term health, wellness and weight management?

Diet Doc patients can easily answer an unequivocal yes to all of these questions. The company stands apart from the rest because they do place emphasis on teaching their patients how to sustain long term weight loss. They tailor meal and snack plans that are specific to each patient's age, gender, nutritional needs and medical conditions. They incorporate specially formulated diet products to curb appetite, control cravings and eliminate fatigue. They monitor progress and comfort level via scheduled weekly checkup calls and remain available on an unlimited basis for doctor consultations, support, guidance and encouragement throughout. This personal service, care and support has helped people throughout the country reach and sustain their ideal weight. In fact, the majority of over 25,000 actual patients are losing 20 or more pounds per month and are labeling Diet Doc the leader in the weight loss industry.

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