Job Logic Announces a 30 Day Free Trial for New Clients

With the help of this free trial, clients learn how the field service management software benefits their company, reports


Birmingham, West Midlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2015 -- Job Logic is offering a 30 day free trial for new clients, so every company can learn the benefits of their service management software. This program functions to bring jobs, quotes, invoices and purchases together in one system, allowing companies to connect their customers, mobile engineers and back office. Companies find they can organise their business with the use of this field service management software and save time while doing so.

"With the help of this program, companies find they can easily manage all aspects of their business, including suppliers, jobs, customers, the workforce and their office. This benefits companies as the Office for National Statistics recently reported output per hour worked is significantly lower in the UK than in the other G7 countries. Output per hour comes in at 21 percent lower than average, and this needs to be of concern to all employers in the country. When routine tasks are handled by management software, workers no longer have to handle repetitive tasks, and this helps to increase productivity," James Whatmore, spokesperson for Job Logic, declares.

Research conducted at the University of Warwick highlights the importance of worker happiness when it comes to job performance. Andrew J. Oswald, Daniel Sgroi and Eugenio Proto studied the relationship between happiness and productivity and found that happiness increases productivity by 12 percent. More than 700 individuals participated in four studies looking at this relationship, and the results were published in a paper entitled Happiness and Productivity.

According to Dr. Sgroi, happy workers use their time more effectively, yet they don't sacrifice quality for efficiency. The average employee may spend as much as 10 to 25 percent of their time handling repetitive tasks which can be automated, with some devoting as much as 70 percent of their workday to tasks that are repetitive. To energize workforces and improve productivity, companies need to find ways to eliminate some of these tasks, and the field management software can be of help, Whatmore continues.

Field service management software handles many tasks. Invoicing becomes effortless, purchases take less time and needless visits and calls to the office are reduced. Job information may be obtained with a single click of a button and time can be monitored and tracked for travel and mileage purposes. Customers also benefit as they obtain copies of invoices with the information they need to complete their work.

"Take advantage of the free 30 day trial of Job Logic field management software. Companies who do so find they increase productivity while saving time and money. One has nothing to lose when taking advantage of this offer and a great deal to gain, thus every company should try it today," Whatmore states.

About Job Logic
Job Logic assists companies looking to increase efficiency by introducing mobile forms and a logical workflow system that allows the company to complete custom forms and industry assessments electronically. Hundreds of service management companies throughout the UK turn to this software for assistance, and it is a great fit for any industry, as it provides the management framework while allowing for industry specific customisations.