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Airwheel Intelligent Self Balancing Electric Unicycle, Why It Is the Top?


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/06/2015 -- If people google electric scooter, information about Airwheel takes up most of them. We seldom see any news or introductions of other brands. If you ask friends who ride electric scooter, Airwheel is always recommended. Why? The answer is high quality and reasonable price.

Though there are several electric scooter brands in the market, such as Firewheel, IPS, Solowheel, F-wheel and Airwheel, when it comes to user feedbacks, very few left and Airwheel is the most reliable among them.

Perfect material and design

Design team with the most fashionable elements designs every model of Airwheel. Besides the innovation, Airwheel intelligent scooter's look is the first-class in the market. It is not vulgar or old-fashioned. Airwheel insists on do itself, making the products that is elegant, eco-friendly, fashionable and compact. Airwheel intelligent scooter also uses imported Sony and Panasonic li-ion batteries, top ten Cheng Shin types, high-tech synthetic resin shells made from nanometer material, and ultra quiet magnetic levitation motors. Every part of it is strictly inspected to ensure its quality. Airwheel is made under ergonomics, so we take user as the most important thing.

High quality and reasonable price

Every user praises the cost performance of Airwheel electric scooter, which is inserted with the smartest chip around the world. The chip has the most intelligent system in the world, using aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm, and gyroscope system to realize self-balance forwards and backwards. Rider only needs to move forwards or backwards slightly to control it, to speed up or slow down. So it is safe and easy to control.

Safe and reliable

Don't need to worry about the safety of Airwheel intelligent scooter. When the riding speed exceeds the speed limit, the scooter alarm will be activated automatically and the panels will lift, which makes accelerating impossible.

Good for health

Riding self-balancing scooter for a long time can train balancing ability and flexibility. At the same time, riding self-balancing scooter keeps body straight and helps to correct hunchback and slight curvature of the spine. In this way, commuters who don't have time to do exercise can work out on and off duty.

Airwheel's research and develop team gathers the exports with year's of experience in the area of intelligent scooter. To bring one idea into reality, they aim to solve every problem they encounter. They don't agree to release a new product, before they figure the problems out. In the field of producing scooter, no company can be so careful and dedicated. Airwheel believes that producing intelligent scooter is an art, not just an industry.

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