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Soy Mas Fuerte Publishes New Spanish Language Review of Anabolic RX24, Newly Offered in Latin America

Soy Mas Fuerte has created a full and very detailed review in Spanish about the best muscle gain supplement called Anabolic RX24, which is now available throughout Latin America.


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2015 -- Fitness and athleticism is increasingly important to a growing number of people, who reject the sedentary lifestyles imposed by desk jobs and want to improve their physical capabilities as well as their looks. Doing so requires no shortage of hard work and technique, but more importantly it requires nutritional supplements to increase the body's capability to produce and maintain new muscle. Soy Mas Fuerte ( is a Spanish language blog that helps the Latin American world find the latest news on techniques and supplements, and has just published a review of Anabolic RX24.

Anabolic RX24 is new to the Latin American region but has had huge success in North America for the last year, as a fully legal supplement that promotes the growth of muscle mass, the increase of muscle density, and the even improves performance during workouts.

The review is comprehensive, and begins with a general introduction for supplements for those who may not yet understand their value, before delving into details about the unique selling points, features and advantages of the product, as well as evaluating its place in the broader market, before drawing an informed, impartial conclusion.

A spokesperson for explained, "Soy Mas Fuerte is pleased to be able to introduce this newly available supplement to Spanish speaking audience, and help them understand the unique properties that have made it both popular and effective for millions of users in the US and beyond. The supplement is ideal for those who are serious about putting the time in at the gym, but understand the importance of having fuel for growth and recovery, enabling them to push harder than ever before and get results that wouldn't otherwise be possible. We highly recommend the product, and look forward to seeing it flying off shelves in Latin America."

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