Ezeeranktracker.com Launches Rank Tracking Software


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/06/2015 -- Looking for a complete tracking system that can fetch accurate results without any hassle? Ezeeranktracker.com offers the desktop based rank tracker system.

With the advancement in marketing tools and tactics, the contribution of SEO cannot be ignored. Every brand is competing against each other, each one trying to be better than the other. Getting a higher rank has become the main objective of every firm. The companies have started building a separate digital marketing team so that more and more focus is given on the digital world.

When spoken to the business head on Ezee Rank Tracker, he emphasized that optimizing the website is a step towards success, but knowing the optimization level will fetch people sure success. He added, "Knowing your web rank at every single day will let you know the flaws that you are committing. One cannot blindly go with Search Engine Optimization."

Ezeeranktracker.com has launched it's latest version of rank tracking software which provides an accurate rank of the website. A lot of input goes in choosing the keyword and optimizing them to be noticed by search engines. The spokesperson of Ezeeranktracker.com says, "Our software is upgraded with all the features that will fetch you an alert for your keywords and website. Our USP is the accurate report that is automatically generated by the software and the brands can blindly rely on these statistics."

This Tracker gives the desktop version web tracking feature wherein the investment is just one time. The web based tracking system is a recurring expense as it has to be upgraded on monthly basis. This is an additional cost both in terms of money and time. The project head says, "We believe in serving the clients and fetch them results at a minimal cost, hence we always recommend them to opt for desktop based rank tracking software." it gives the clients an option to track unlimited keywords and websites. It covers up around 188 regional domains. It can be automatically customized as per the regions.

By tracking the social signals such as comments, likes, shares, tweets, digg, reddit and other social media platforms, it has made a mark in the digital industry. The clients can set a notification wherein the report will directly hit their mailbox ranging from 6 hours to 24 hours. This will ensure that the marketing team doesn't waste time in following the wrong strategies. They can immediately check the tools that are working for their business and change the keywords as per their need. Strategies can also be planned depending on the keywords that has been preferred by the visitors.

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