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Excelite Gets First 1,000 Pieces Orders for Swimming Pool Cover


Shanghai, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2015 -- It's hardly a week after Excelite Plastics Ltd. opened a new swimming pool cover company and begun supplying these equipment in the European market. The company has today announced that they'll be clearing the first consignment, by the end of this week.

The company has recorded one of the highest sales ever over the past few weeks. This is attributed to the fact that these pool covers meet the following criteria:

1. They are convenient; this is quite evident in the telescopic pool enclosures. The sunlight can be regulated by closing the pool either fully or partially depending on the end user's needs.

2. Safety; Excelite constructs this equipment using aluminum rods. They are strong and corrosion resistant. The cover is constructed using multiwall polycarbonate panels. Polycarbonate is intrinsically strong and impact resistant, thus, it can withstand the forces of high magnitude. This bars children, pets or stones from accessing the swimming pool area.

These swimming pool covers are manufactured to meet high standards of technology with over 576 of them having alarms. This enhances security of this vital equipment.

3. Energy saving capability; all the 1,000 pool covers, which will be shipped by the end of this week were being tested to meet the energy efficiency standards.

Excelite Plastics Ltd. is keen to meet the building and construction standards set by different regulatory authorities. The multiwall pool panels can trap the heat from the sun. This warms up the pool faster and it can retain this energy for a very long period of time. This increases the swimming period without heating the pool.

4. The aesthetic and monetary value; the custom made pool covers are used to decorate the outdoor and indoor environment. It has been one of the main reasons why, most restaurants in Europe have opted for these modern designs. It is one of the best place to entertain guests.

Out of 1, 000 orders, 197 of them are residential houses, which are to be sold before the end of the year. According to these realtors, they highlighted the fact that a swimming pool enclosure increases the value of a property by between 2.3 and 4.7%. This is one secret the property selling companies are yet, to exploit.

This first phase is a clear evidence of how important this equipment is valued. The company has even been forced to invest another $1,000,000 specifically for the swimming pool enclosure industry. This will entail the manufacturing process alongside, the design work process.

The company sold 763 retractable swimming pool facilities. They are known to transform the outdoors into an indoor pool swimming oasis. These are some of the ultramodern pool designs, which have gained popularity in Asia, Europe with more clients in the United States of America.

The fact that they can open and close implies a thrilling experience. They are adored by the fact that, they provide an indoor experience in an outdoor setup. Excelite Plastics Ltd. has designed retractable pools, which meet the following criteria:

1. They are fully automated with motorized drives. These drives can be controlled from the control panel. No more pulling of strings. Before the end of the year, swimming pool enclosures, which can be controlled via smartphones will be available. They are still being tested.

2. The environment within the pool can be controlled efficiently depending on the temperature level and humidity.

With fully automated systems, Excelite is proud to offer cost effective and high quality swimming pool accessories.

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