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Excelite Introduces New Automated Retractable Swimming Pool Covers in Europe


Shanghai, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2015 -- The Excelite's automated swimming pool covers are now available in the European Market. This was announced by the company's Sales & Marketing Manager Mr. Sunny Sun in China this morning. This marks a major milestone by the company after it had begun supplying the multiwall polycarbonate swimming pool covers in the American and Australian markets early this year.

The company has been forced to invest $1,000,000 during the second quarter of their financial year. Over 10, 000 of this equipment will be shipped to Europe with about 53% being a preorder. These products are the only swimming pool covers in the market balancing quality and price. The company prides itself on high quality products, which are affordable.

What should the end users expect?

This equipment eliminates all the manual operations such as pulling and pushing the swimming pool covers. There is no manual cranking, it is a self-retracting and self-deploying cover. This product features a unique technology. It has the following key benefits:

1. The swimming pool covers have fully automated systems with safe electrical switches. Water is an electrolyte. Thus, the switching system has been designed to ensure that water doesn't reach the electrical circuit.

2. A simple touch deployment system has been integrated to ensure efficiency and reliability.

3. They have been designed to achieve about 31.6% of energy with saving heat being a priority.

4. The thermal cover eliminates the growth of algae within the pool. This reduces the maintenance costs significantly.

5. There is no need for tracks since the pool cover is self-guiding

Apart from these key benefits, Excelite Plastics Ltd. have also designed pool covers with the following key features:

1. They have a state of the art electric drive systems. This guarantees both efficiency and reliability. The system is isolated to ensure that it is safe even when installed in the outdoor pools.

2. A modern in built microchip controller, which has been tested and programmed to control the movement of the cover.

3. They have a trackless system.

4. The swimming pool cover can be controlled with two edge guides. This pushes the cover on and off the water.

The next generation of swimming pool covers from Excelite will feature different types of sensors such as: temperature, light and humidity sensors. This will give the end user total control of the environment within the pool. The company intends to introduce pool covers with lighting systems too. This implies that, people will enjoy swimming till very late in the night. You won't need extra lighting facility.

The company has proved to be very innovative with their ability to produce multifunctional and durable pool covers. A number of residential and commercial property owners have been able to transform their outdoor pool into a year round paradise.

The custom design swimming pool covers

The company has also trained a team of technicians who will be using the modern design technologies to create the custom designs. Purchasing Excelite's products come with a lot of benefits such as: free quotes, subsidized designing and installation costs.

About Excelite Plastics Ltd.
Excelite Plastics Ltd. was established in 2001 and it has been producing polycarbonates and glazing materials. Apparently, it has established a swimming pool cover producing company which aims at produce state-of-the art covers.

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