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CRM Nexus Creator Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Funds


Davie, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/06/2015 -- For Robert Mendes, creator of CRM Nexus, working in the IT field has been a 25-year passion.  He has worked for both large organizations and as a small business owner and has learned important truths about data management.  "All organizations, whether large or small, need to manage and share data to be effective and productive.  The challenge has always been finding a solution that is both cost effective and flexible enough to allow you to operate your business the way you operate it and not have to conform your operations to someone else's idea of how you should be running your business."  Now, Mr. Mendes has formulated CRM Nexus, a flexible CRM solution for critical data management, and launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for development.

CRM Nexus is an affordable and flexible CRM solution for data management with an extensive feature set that will be offered at a price point that any business can afford.  This web-based application will be flexible, user-friendly, intuitive and cost-effective.  Incorporated in the platform will be features for Sales, Marketing, Accounting (inclusive of third-party application integration), Asset Management, Help Desk and Knowledge Base, Project Management, Document Storage and Sharing, integration with Microsoft Office, Vehicle Log Tracking, Expense Receipt Tracking, Calendar and Scheduling and smart device support for both iOS and Android.

Subscriptions will be priced according to the number of users and divided into simple monthly payment options.  For example, a one-user license with 1GB of document storage will be priced at $19.99 per month, while a 50-user license with 20 GB of document storage will be priced at $149.99 per month.

Funds raised from the Kickstarter campaign, located at, will be used to for code development.  Pledge levels of $25 to $100 are available, with user subscriptions at various levels given as perks.  For more information, see the Kickstarter page.

About CRM Nexus
CRM Nexus is a flexible CRM platform that allows users to choose their own level of service and pay for it accordingly.  The program delivers all components of a CRM solution in a user-friendly format.

Contact Person:  Robert Mendes
Company: CRM Nexus-Your Business Heartbeat
Address:  Davie, Florida USA
Phone:  305-608-6481