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T-Minus Launches Website to Provide Free Reviews of Managed WordPress Hosting Companies


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/06/2015 -- Allen Johnson, founder of T-Minus, announced the launch of the firm's new website. T-Minus offers individuals with free reviews of reputable managed WordPress hosting companies, services and coupons, providing consumers with the information they need to make informed decisions about their hosting choices.

"With search engines accounting for page load speeds, we struggled with our shared hosting providers to find an optimal configuration to decrease our times," said Johnson. "We found a managed WordPress provider that had an optimized server stack for slightly more than our previous shared host. Our times increased, our traffic engagement increased, and now we're helping others do the same."

Selecting a hosting provider can be a difficult, frustrating and time consuming endeavor. T-Minus takes the work out of locating a provider with managed WordPress hosting reviews , comparisons, and advice on getting started. The firm breaks down the services, plans and pricing for a wide variety of hosting providers, enabling anyone to launch their WordPress site quickly and easily.

Managed WordPress hosting offers multiple advantages over typical shared hosting. Greater speeds, the ability to scale services to individual needs and overall performance are the earmarks of WordPress managed hosting. As hacking and incursions become more common, WordPress hosting offers a safer and more secure environment for clients' essential data. A WordPress platform is equally beneficial for individuals, commercial and non-profit organizations.

WordPress hosting offers daily management, allowing clients to focus on the other aspects of operating their enterprises. Automatic updates ensure websites remain secure and information isn't lost. The reviewed providers have servers that are specifically designed for WordPress for quick and efficient loading that prevents visitors from losing interest.

Advanced WordPress server configurations are specifically designed to provide the premiere services that clients need. WordPress engines offer the ability to run a multitude of applications, create sleek and modern designs, operate multi-lingual sites, and access an ever-increasing mobile audience.

WordPress is the most popular platform for websites, offering quick, reliable, scalable and secure hosting for individuals, professionals and businesses. Consumers typically choose a shared hosting plan without realizing the pitfalls involved. Shared hosting options operate multiple sites on the same server. When websites become popular and require more resources, owners are faced with large, expensive upgrades or suspension of services. T-Minus helps people avoid those problems.

The newly launched T-Minus Sites offers free reviews on top-rated WordPress managed hosting companies, along with in-depth examinations of plans, services and available money saving coupons. T-Minus is a one-stop resource for those who demand exceptional service from their WordPress hosting providers.

For more information, call 702-515-9598 or visit T-Minus online.

About T-Minus
T-Minus was launched to assist individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations with free reviews, information and comparisons for WordPress hosting providers. WordPress is the most frequently utilized CMS on the Internet and hosting providers are turning to more dedicated services to cater to clients looking for a fully managed WordPress site. These managed WordPress hosting providers are creating services and features that increase page load speeds, ensures security and maintains continual up-times. T-Minus Sites aids consumers with discount coupons and essential information to make informed decision on their hosting options.

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