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High-Speed Rail and Will Help Put America Back to Work


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/06/2015 -- The CEO of is Andre Smith, who is dedicated to getting jobs to Veterans and unemployed people.

The High-Speed Rail industry is coming to America and everybody is invited on board.

The Government and the private investors are going to be funding this industry in a big way.

By having a High-Speed Rail system that will allow the public to work in more ways than one is what General Steel and Aluminum Manufacturing are all about.

The High-Speed Rail system is going to put Americans to work in a big way.
The High-Speed Rail system is going to put Veterans to work.
The High-Speed Rail system is going to get people back to work.

By getting the contracts from the government to build parts for HSR, will be in a position to hire people to build the system that will employee over 6500 jobs.

Obtaining funding, is one way to put America to work but the opportunity to make more money by providing jobs is the best approach.

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