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Exclusively on Amazon: Fortunate Monsters, a New Medical Thriller About Wealthy Infertile Couples


Santa Monica, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/06/2015 -- Fortunate Monsters explores the unexpected and unsettling human realities associated with cutting edge fertility technologies already in use worldwide. This daring medical technothriller is now for sale worldwide on Amazon.

Fortunate Monsters tells the story of Roslyn and Jacob Kemp who are successful, wealthy, and attractive residents of Hollywood, California. She's a movie star, he's an investment banker, and they have absolutely everything anyone could want except for a baby of their own. Lucky for them, they are wealthy enough to hire the most exclusive fertility clinic on earth to help them have the child they've always wanted.

"The Kakoa Fertility Clinic takes all the uncertainty out of having a baby," author Nancy Fulton says, "They can guarantee a high IQ, great musical ability and mathematical aptitudes, and a real talent for leading people. They've built a thriving business by delivering thousands of designer babies to wealthy couples all over the world."

Fortunate Monsters, now on sale on Amazon, debuted on multiple top ten lists in the US and Germany. As a member of Amazon's "Select" program, the can be borrowed free from the Kindle Owner's Library for a month. It can also be shared with other Kindle owners.

If you enjoy technothrillers, medical thrillers, and near-feature science fiction books, you'll love Fortunate Monsters.

Fortunate Monsters has been published by No Better Friend Entertainment LLC and is distributed, in print and electronic formats exclusively through Amazon.

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