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Sydney to Hold the World's Largest Orchestra


Drummoyne, New South Wales -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/07/2015 -- Sydney, Australia is all geared up to host arguably the world's largest orchestra in late December, 2015. According to news, the event will be held under the supervision of Genesis Promotions Pty Ltd, Australia. The event will consist of a musical director, standing atop the Sydney Harbor Bridge and who will conduct groups of musicians with laser batons. These batons will direct musicians playing around the harbor, Sydney, in and around Australia, and even in several places over the world. They will all play in unison and harmony thus creating the world's largest orchestra.

The organizers plan on making this occasion the world's most inclusive event. For this, they have sent out invitations to every musician, regardless of physical or psychological disabilities, age, race, religion, etc. Singers, dancers, and performers of any art are invited to be a part of this mega event. The organizers also added that since the event is at a proposal stage, any interest in partnership is welcomed.

It is considered by many that the event is destined to become the signature musical event. Because of its inclusive nature, it is hoped that the event will be tremendously powerful. According to the event's official website, "If we invite every citizen to join with each other in a spectacular celebration of diversity, we will present to the world the most powerful demonstration of inclusivity."

The world's largest orchestra will be a fusion of age, sex, race, religion, culture, and will encompass every music and dance. It will include as many people as possible and those outside Sydney can play be a part of the orchestra by streaming live and playing in unison. It is considered that this happening will be stunning visual and musical experience for the performers and the viewers. The brainchild behind organizing this worldwide event is Mike Fernandes.

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About is the official website of the soon-to-be mega event 'World's Largest Orchestra'. The event is being planned to be conducted in the iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge. It will comprise of musician from every part of the world playing to the directions of the conductor and his laser batons.

Drummoyne, New South Wales