A Bug Free Mind

Andy Shaw's Personal Development Program Helps 1000s to Achieve Success

Since Andy Shaw released "A Bug Free Mind," a personal development tool in the form of a book, audio, videos and forums, 1000s of individuals from over 110 nations have actually handled to attain successful lives.


Steyning, West Sussex -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/07/2015 -- Andy Shaw is a UK entrepreneur who made his first fortune from property investment. He later on ended up being bankrupt, but went on to recoup all his losses and more, through publishing his "A Bug Free Mind" program. "A Bug Free Mind" is described as being similar to "The Law of Attraction", and like a program that intends to help the reader develop success in all aspects of their life, including wealth, well being, and self-esteem, simply by altering their mindset to more successful one.

The "bugs" that the title refers to are unfavorable, self-defeating ideas such as "I can't do that". Andy Shaw's individual development tool reprograms such ideas to become thought patterns that are more geared towards success through detailed exercises that can be performed in the comfort of your very own home. The book "Creating a Bug Free Mind" was initially released in 2011, though it has been re-released with new insights and updates a number of times ever since. The simple web site abugfreemind.com consists of numerous posts that can be read totally free which touch upon a few of the ideas talked about comprehensively in the book. The site likewise offers readers the chance to download the first 5 chapters of the book free of charge, by completing an easy form on the site's home page.

The first chapter in Shaw's book is called "Finding Success," which is an introduction, and talks about the reasons why you may have not achieved success so far. The second chapter is called "Changing Your Life" and teaches a strategy which permits you to control your thoughts. The 3rd is called "Perfect Peace" which teaches how to feel at peace in any circumstance. The 4th chapter, "Instant Restart," teaches a strategy for "restarting" your mind. This is discussed in a post on the website which talks about being able to cope with your day if you are having a bad one. The 5th chapter, "Your New Life," goes into more detail about ways to alter the negativity in your mind that is stopping you from achieving success.

Positive Thinking System Shaw also has a number of videos readily available to anybody on YouTube, which give glimpses of exactly what to expect on the program including the "No Mind Exercise" which talks you through attaining a clear mind. By buying the program you have access to the "Bug Free Mind" environment, where peer-to-peer support is offered to from people who have checked out the book, listened to the audio or watched the videos. More information about Andy Shaw's personal advancement program, "A Bug Free Mind," can be found on the official website.

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