AWMA Announces New Sparring Clearance Items Available This July


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2015 -- Trying to find a company that sells sparring gear and equipment for all ages and skill levels? Well, look no further than AWMA® as they are pleased to announce that they have new sparring clearance items available this July.

Three of the sparring items on clearance include TapouT Mouthguards available in orange, green, and blue. TapouT's mouthguards offer many benefits—the main one being that their advanced gel technology ensures that the mouthguard fits comfortably into the fighter's mouth. Another benefit of TapouT's mouthguards is that they allow for complete jaw stabilization so that the fighter has less of a chance of breaking or dislocating his or her jaw during a fight. AWMA®'s orange TapouT brand mouthguards are available for $15.95, their green are available for $24.95, and depending on whether it is a youth or adult, their blue mouthguards are available for $15.95 (youth) and $24.95 (adult).

Another sparring item that AWMA® has available on clearance is their ProForce® & Knee Instep Guards. Available for $21.95, these shin guards come with an elastic instep band as well as a neoprene lining to ensure a cool and comfortable fit. Those who purchase these shin guards will find that they provide for ideal protection during any intense training or sparring sessions.

All of AWMA®'s sparring items are created using high-quality materials, and are designed to keep the individual protected during even the most strenuous physical training exercises. To see AWMA®'s entire inventory of sparring equipment, or to see their most updated list of clearance items, please visit their website.

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