New Wellness Store Opens Online


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/06/2015 -- Wellness as a lifestyle choice is enjoying great popularity with today's generation. Apart from individual health choices, corporates have made wellness a part of their employee programs and that has added to the overall awareness and participation.

The internet has made information available to people of all walks of life, and several mobile based apps have made the task even easier. With the advent of e-commerce, people are now able to choose products and services that tie in with their wellness plan. Specialty online stores have made it their goal to make their clientele healthier, and they do it through innovatively packaged services and through a strong social support system.

Taking this passion for health another step forward, a team of enthusiasts have launched a new website – fariasonlineventures.com. The site has all the features one would expect from a modern high-end website in the niche, and in addition to the standard offerings, they have launched a complete range of handpicked fitness and wellness products that have been sorted according to category, age, and specific health goals of the user.

Whether the customer is looking to shed a few pounds in time for the summer vacation, or tone those abs which have been bothering him for long, there are exclusive offerings that the site has put together. Instead of just picking the products which are popular in the market, the site has a different approach – they have hired fitness experts specializing in various streams and have taken their advice to put together programs that are totally unique and come with their own set of services, advice, and product recommendations.This, according to the management of the site, is a novel approach, and is certain to help customers reach their fitness goals quicker.

With our ubiquitous smart phones packed with apps, it isn't really difficult to follow the regime we set for ourselves. The problem is in choosing a program that really works for our schedule and body type. Science is making that research easier, and new stores are stepping up to offer better products and services to enable end-users to reach their fitness goals even quicker. Services on new sites allow us to use them all – wrist devices, phones, tablets, computers, and personalized coaches – whatever it takes to enable us to hit our fitness goal.

For further information, visit http://fariasonlineventures.com