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Philadelphia Auto Body Shop Surpasses Competition with Custom Food Trucks


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/07/2015 -- As the food truck trend remains on the rise, so do standards for food trucks. Food truck owners are no longer satisfied with cookie-cutter designs or shoddy workmanship. To have a successful mobile food vending business, they know that their food truck needs to incorporate top-notch design with durable, high-quality materials. Thanks to Executive Auto Salon of Philadelphia, fully customized food trucks are within reach.

Executive Auto Salon draws on years of expertise in customizing cars to be the best food truck builders in the nation. They can transform any truck or van into a gourmet, top-notch food truck that is fully customized to the last detail. There is no limit to what Executive Auto Salon can include in their custom made food trucks—the only limit is the food truck owner's demands. Features that Executive Auto Salon installs include full kitchens, hot and cold water systems, fryers, grills, ovens and other appliances. They also customize trucks for fire safety and ventilation. Furthermore, Executive Auto Salon will customize the design of the mobile kitchen according to the truck owner's preference, so that the design of the truck seamlessly fits the operator's unique workflow pattern.

Other custom work that Executive Auto Salon does on food trucks includes LED menu screens, custom exterior and interior lighting and retractable awnings. They will paint or fully wrap customized graphics on the exterior. In short, a plain, empty truck will, when entrusted to Executive Auto Salon, become a full-service mobile vending vehicle that draws in crowds of hungry customers.

Executive Auto Salon's food trucks beat the competition in all categories. Executive Auto Salon uses equipment only from trusted manufacturers that stand behind their products. And unlike other food truck builders who install disposable propane tanks, Executive Auto Salon only uses gauged propane tanks in their designs so that food truck operators know exactly what their fuel level is, refuel them on time and save money.

Executive Auto Salon repairs food trucks from all over the country.

To learn more, visit their website at http://www.executiveautosalon.com/ or call 215-289-1500.

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