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The Radio Agency Slams the Brakes on Auto Dealers' Ineffective Radio Advertising


Media, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/07/2015 -- Radio advertising experts, The Radio Agency, are trying to drive loud-mouthed car dealers off the air, because radio listeners are tired of their chest-thumping, triple-decibel tirades. But that's what one would expect from a specialist media agency that spends 100% of its time focused on making radio advertising work for its clients. Mark Lipsky, owner of The Radio Agency, recently published a LinkedIn article exposing the out-of-touch radio advertising that is still the standard for auto dealers and explains how radio advertising agencies can greatly improve upon current trends by focusing on consumer needs.

Lipsky, active in the radio advertising industry for over 25 years, writes that over modulated, echo-tinged boasting fails to relay any information of value to a listener, focusing instead on tired, ego-stroking catchphrases like – "We're #1!" or "No one sells more Toyotas than we do!" With information freely available online, writes Lipsky, consumers can now compare dealerships' pricings and inventories from their own homes, rendering an auto dealer's 60-second claims to superiority useless to consumers and unprofitable to the dealership. Lipsky theorizes that tradition and a fear of being shouted over by competitors keeps auto dealers from replacing tired bragging with useful, consumer-oriented content in their radio advertising.

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