Hidden Rooms London

Hidden Rooms London Launches Brand New Escape Game Pop Up for New Nightlife Adventures

Hidden Rooms London is a new events company offering prison break and chain reaction themed games where individuals must navigate an immersive environment to escape traps and mazes.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2015 -- In London, every night is another chance to party. The night life in the capital is so rich that simply hanging out in a pub is no longer enough, and people seek new thrills and high adventure. As such, events companies are going out of their way to create the next immersive pop up event that will take the city by storm. The latest of these is Hidden Rooms London (http://hiddenroomslondon.co.uk/), who has created a fun leisure activity in the shape of a prison break and chain reaction puzzle, the object is to escape a series of rooms before time runs out, in pairs or small groups of friends.

Veterans of the escape game in London will love this new format, which features special ticket deals for groups of three, four and five, as well as 20% discount on booking last minute on the day. The event lasts sixty minutes, and the aim is to complete all the challenges and escape all the rooms to reach and complete the finale before time runs out.

The new escape game has two unique formats to play, giving it unique replay value among events of this kind. The experiences start in the same party, before groups are heaved away to wake up in a jail, or a nuclear bunker, and must navigate a huge range of riddles, puzzles and challenges to escape.

A spokesperson for Hidden Rooms London explained, "We are delighted to debut these brand new escapes game in London. We are waiting for you and your friends to book a night out filled with exciting logical tasks and challenges. Can you escape? It's up to you! We are open for bookings right now and we are excited to see how our intrepid teams fare in these two very different scenarios, but which will you choose? We can't wait to find out."

About Hidden Rooms London
Hidden Rooms London is a new London based events company offering immersive escape games in a secret location in London. The games follow two distinct themes with a unique layout, challenges and storyline. The games run sixty minutes in length and are available to book now.

For more information please visit: http://hiddenroomslondon.co.uk/