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Tiller Web Design Reports Page Load Times Affect Bounce Rates

Pages must load rapidly or users will look for the desired information elsewhere, announces TillerWebDesign.com


Des Moines, IA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/07/2015 -- According to Econsultancy, 47 percent of Internet users expect web page to load in less than two seconds, yet many companies fail to recognize this. In addition, the website reports 40 percent will leave a site if it fails to load within three seconds. As a result, companies need to emphasize speed when it comes to Web Design Des Moines and Tiller Web Design understands this.

"Tiller Web Design strives to identify a client's key requirements and needs along with the targeted audience and content strategy. Once this step has been completed, the company works in conjunction with the client to build the ideal web experience that will propel the company's online site forward. Finding the right system to achieve this goal and allow for fast loading times is a major part of the process," Steve Hudspeth, spokesperson for Tiller Web Design, reports.

Unfortunately, a consumer won't know how long it takes for a site to load unless they find the site. For this reason, one must also focus on SEO. Shop.org reports that 85 percent of retailers obtain more visitors through search engine marketing than any other techique and Groupon states 60 percent of their direct traffic comes through organic searches. Companies, therefore, must focus on SEO along with their web design for optimal results.

"Search engine optimization remains the top lead generator for businesses in 2015, accounting for 94 percent of traffic. The higher one's site ranking, the more traffic it receives. In addition, a site's ranking influences the click through rate, and a high click through rate leads to more traffic, more leads, more visitors and more sales. All benefit a company," Hudspeth continues.

Word of mouth continues to be of importance also, yet word of mouth advertising has changed considerably. Rather than talking to friends and family, consumers frequently turn to the Internet to read reviews before making a purchasing decision. In fact, 90 percent of consumers say their purchasing decisions are influenced by online reviews. One bad review can damage a company significantly.

"Tiller Web Design provides reputation management services to help companies stay on top of what consumers are saying about their business. In addition, the company assists companies with Des Moines SEO local services, video, ecommerce websites, hosting and more. Contact the company today for outstanding results," Hudspeth states.

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