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Marketing Altitude Announces the Grand Opening of Their Digital Marketing Agency

The company specializes in helping small businesses reach their long term goals and digital marketing is considerably cheaper than traditional marketing efforts, reports


Brigham City, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/07/2015 -- Marketing Altitude announces the grand opening of their new digital marketing agency. The agency helps small businesses achieve their long-term goals using digital marketing, as this type of marketing is considerably cheaper than traditional marketing efforts. Businesses looking to grow and expand find the services of Marketing Altitude to be of great help.

"According to SearchEngineLand, small to medium businesses devote 46% of their marketing budget, on average, to digital marketing. The problem many encounter, however, is they aren't getting all they need for the amount of money they are spending. They either obtain advice or they get professional advertising materials, yet they don't receive both. Marketing Altitude works to rectify this," Drew Pierce, spokesperson for Marketing Altitude, explains.

When one works with an advertising agency, they typically get access to services, yet the business is responsible for coordinating all marketing efforts using these materials. The business remains responsible for developing the overall marketing strategy and all it entails. In contrast, marketing consultants offer advice, yet leave the business to take this advice and turn it into tangible marketing materials.

"Marketing Altitude brings a wide range of services together in one agency. Businesses working with the firm find they receive assistance with web design, SEO, reputation management, email marketing, marketing research and more. One doesn't need to work with two or more companies to develop and implement their marketing plan, as Marketing Altitude does both and much more," Pierce declares.

In January 2015, AdWeek reported 30 second Super Bowls ads were selling for $4.5 million. To show businesses what one could do with that money using digital marketing methods, AdWeek calculated how much it would cost to buy six days of Sponsored Snaps spots on Snapchat. Each spot costs $750,000 and reaches tens of millions on a daily basis. Companies need to take this into consideration and determine if they wish to have a 30 second spot on TV or six days of exposure on a popular Internet app.

"Digital marketing efforts pay off. As more individuals across the globe connect to the Internet, businesses need to ensure they are reaching everyone in their target audience. Marketing Altitude helps with this, working with their clients to develop a comprehensive marketing plan and implementing it. Businesses choosing to go this route will find the return on investment to be very impressive," Pierce states.

About Marketing Altitude
Marketing Altitude, the creation of a team of digital marketing gurus, functions to help small businesses achieve their long term goals, Businesses often find they must choose between an ad agency offering services but minimal strategic help and advice or marketing consultants offering strictly advice. When one chooses to work with Marketing Altitude, they find they get the best of both worlds. The digital marketing consultants work with clients to develop a comprehensive marketing plan, then the marketing team oversees the daily maintenance and upkeep, allowing clients to focus on other tasks while watching their business grow.