Crowdfunding Industry Leader Crowdfund Buzz Relocates to Las Vegas

Leveraging time zones and tax advantages, Crowdfund Buzz jumps into Sin City to help Perform Miracles for Crowdfunders.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2015 -- Entrepreneur Matt Cooke incubated a startup known as Crowdfund Buzz in Boulder, Colorado back in March 2013, forever earning himself founder status it was to become the world's leading advertising agency and public relations firm in the crowdfunding sector.

Later that same year current chief-of-operations Howard Sherman acquired the company and moved all operation east - to New Jersey. After over 18 months overseeing every aspect of operations of this market-leading PR firm and advertising agency catering exclusively to the crowdfunding industry, Sherman concluded another move was in order - back west. Further west than ever to a part of America more than a few have labeled the Wild, Wild West; Las Vegas.

So why the move from one part of the country to the other and then even farther back again? "Simply speaking, we were wasting three hours per day or more in relatively unproductive time as the work day didn't seriously start until after lunch," Sherman offers. "After answering a trickle of client emails between 9 and 12 EST, practically every member of staff was idle. Then as the lunch hour launched we found ourselves slammed with emails and phone calls from clients over the world driving all of us to the brink of exhaustion. I identified this pattern and concluded it was an inexcusable loss of productivity with serious side effects. Who wouldn't go bonkers sitting around doing little or nothing for 3-4 hours only to find themselves flooded with work from every direction for the next eight hours virtually non-stop?" Sherman added emphatically.

Eliminating unnecessary and wasteful overtime coupled with a sharp reduction in worker stress led to an overall happier work environment. "Everyone's floating on air," Sherman mused. "Workflow is steady and manageable now as opposed to the old way we did business; almost total office silence for hours on end followed by total chaos for many more hours afterward," he concluded with a smile.

Nevada is well known to be business-friendly with no state income tax of any sort which is the icing on the cake of this business epicenter that allows for client accommodation across the globe due to the three hour time difference relative to the company's previous headquarters in New Jersey.

Now comfortably settled in their new Las Vegas headquarters, Crowdfund Buzz is helping more clients reach their crowdfunding goals fast and more efficiently than ever before.