Vancouver Artist's Sales Surge as He Rises to Instagram Fame


Richmond, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2015 -- 22-year-old Russell Wang, better known by his Instagram name 'RSLW', had no idea his art would garner so much attention when he started posting it online. Blown away by his rapid 6-week-long success path, from bank teller with a penchant for painting recreationally to Instagram sensation, he has sparked the interest of art collectors all over the world.

He insisted that the spike in followers is the result of a collaboration with one of his closest friends, a digital marketer at Indexsy. Sales started rolling in when Wang launched his site, "Jacky has been a huge factor in all this," Wang explained. "His expertise in Instagram marketing is pretty much how I got here."

With his work 'flying out the window' since rising to fame, Wang's pieces are heavily inspired by the likes of Francis Bacon and George Condo, and Russell claims to apply an edge of 'dehumanization' to his work. "I never really knew that I could be selling my work for a living," Wang said. "When my friends started telling me to upload it to Instagram, I thought they were crazy."

Pushing the boundaries of the human body in his brush strokes, Wang offers detailed insights into his processes: "My artwork is based around my own interpretation and experimentation of the human body (especially pertaining to the facial features) and how it can be represented through the application of paint, and onto the canvas." As it stands, Wang claims to be happy, but not yet satisfied. "Yes, I'm happy where I am now, but I want to get to a point where my work can not be ignored."

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