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A Universal Medicine for the Multi-Symptomatic Man


Goonellabah, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2015 -- Ninety-five percent of people were sick in the last year, with a third of those complaining of having 5 or more chronic ailments, a recent study published in a prominent health journal has found.

"While this might be our new normal it is not our natural state," says Universal Medicine founder Serge Benhayon, a philosopher and practitioner of complementary medicine therapies.

Confirming the findings of the study published in The Lancet, Registered Nurse Elizabeth Dolan said, "what I see is that medical staff are being faced with an increase in patients who have a range of different co-morbidities that often require input from different specialists. This is putting additional strain on the whole medical system."

"The rise of the 'multi-symptomatic man' has been a reality I have been predicting for a number of years. It was not a hard prediction to make considering the current trends in the way we have been living," said Serge Benhayon.

"We need to start looking to the 'why' rather than just looking at treating the end symptoms of an epidemic of life-style related diseases" said Mr. Benhayon, adding that his business Universal Medicine supports conventional medicine through offering 'a self-responsible model of healthcare'.

"At Universal Medicine we hold that you can't talk about health without talking about responsibility. 'What body are you taking to the doctor?' is a question that as a society we need to start to sensitively address. We often live in a way that disregards the body and at present the medical profession is dealing with a burden of disease that need not be at the level it is."

Non-communicable disease with preventable lifestyle-related risk factors accounted for as much as 68% of deaths in 2012, according to the World Health Organisation

"The good news is that these trends are reversible. We see this in the Universal Medicine clinic all the time. Through a more self-loving way of living, people's wellbeing and sense of self improves and they naturally drop the self-abusive behaviours and patterns that can later lead to ill-health."

"The livingness of love is a universal medicine," he said. "Fortunately for us all, it is not something that can be patented."

About Serge Benhayon
Founder of Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon is a renowned philosopher, practitioner, teacher and trainer of complementary therapies as well as the author of 8 books to date . His books are rich philosophical works on the Esoteric in life, love and human society.

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About Universal Medicine
Universal Medicine is in the business of delivering teachings that are about everyday self-loving choices. Making these choices gives participants the opportunity to consistently feel lighter, clearer and more naturally vital in their day-to-day lives. The teachings are delivered in the form of lectures, talks, audio and treatment sessions at Universal Medicine clinics. UniMed founder Serge Benhayon also regularly holds courses, workshops and retreats in Australia and internationally.

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