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Book Marketing Made Easy: New Column Reveals Secrets to Book Promotion

In his new column, Self Pub Nation founder, Michael Rogan, shares a couple of book marketing strategies for the 21st century author.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2015 -- Book marketing isn't exactly the first thing most authors want to focus on. (That usually involves planning how they're going to spend their royalty checks.) But, according to author, Michael Rogan, the "literary life" isn't possible without a plan for consistent book promotion.

"The self publishing revolution has made the barrier to entry practically non-existent," says Rogan. "But now it's like the 'Wild West' where only the authors with the savviest book marketing systems will survive."

There was a time when book promotion meant little more than setting up a Facebook page and sending out a couple of promotional tweets. But today's authors need to find creative, focused ways to get their message out.

"I used to do the Facebook and Twitter thing religiously," says Rogan. "But now I find 'dead' marketing tools like email more effective than ever."

That's because, according to Rogan, the best book marketing tools are those which allow for a one-on-one conversation with potential readers. ("YouTube is perfect for that.")

But no matter where authors spend their book promotion energy, Rogan feels authors need to avoid paint-by-numbers formulas and focus on platforms where their readers can be found.

"It's all about the right bait for the right fish," says Rogan. "The most clever book marketing in the world isn't as good a book promotion effort delivered to the best reader your book."

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