Revolutionary New USB Charging Device Set to Launch via Crowdfunding Campaign

Mobile devices to charge 400% faster than standard USB chargers.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2015 -- USBeast Electronics has developed an on-the-go USB charging device that will change the way consumers charge their mobile phones, tablets, cameras and even the latest Macbook and Google Chromebooks. With the ability to utilize 2.1 amps of charging power, USBeast can charge a dead iPhone at least 6 times to a full charge without the use of a wall outlet and do so 4 times as fast.

Increased use of technology in all areas of our lives has highlighted an already nagging problem: Too many electronic devices and not enough charging capability. On site workers, outdoor enthusiasts and people living under the constant threat of a natural disaster are increasingly faced with the problem of finding adequate ways to charge their USB powered devices.

The USBeast solves that problem like no other USB charger on the market today. With millions of Ryobi power tools and camping accessories already sold, there's an established mass market of people who can use their Ryobi batteries to charge their mobile devices. The USBeast utilizes any Ryobi 18 volt battery to simultaneously charge 2 mobile devices. For example, an iPhone and iPad can both go from 0% to fully charged at the same time, without the use of a wall outlet. There is no other charger on the planet with that capability.

After several prototypes, the USBeast design team has worked feverishly to approve the version which is now ready for mass production. The final USBeast design has been field tested and sold online in small quantities, receiving positive feedback from both consumers and testers alike. USBeast Electronics has a live crowd funding campaign on and pre-orders of the USBeast are now being taken! The company is also selling USBeast Brand merchandise to assist in generating the financial resources necessary to mass produce and bring the USBeast to market. When the funding goal of $15,000 is reached, USBeast Electronics will begin full scale manufacturing with the finished product proudly being made in the USA.

"We are committed to revolutionizing the way consumers charge their USB powered devices and dedicated to making this product a huge success," says Jonathan Williams, founder of USBeast Electronics and The Artisans Studio. "We will strive to provide the best quality product and update our backers every step of the way." Williams continues, "And provide the assurance that all USBeast orders will be shipped on time."

This campaign will run from July 7, 2015 – August 21, 2015

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USBeast Electronics is on a mission to create the next generation of mobile electronic charging products for the current and next generation of mobile devices.

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