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Estuary Logistics Reports Record-Breaking Growth in 2015 After Last Year's BIFA Award

Estuary Logistics has been growing massively throughout 2015 after their success in the BIFA Awards 2014, recognizing them as one of the best in the industry.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2015 -- Logistics is an essential part of any globalized business, and in the twenty first century, getting a product from point A to point B could require a huge variety of different transport links to be made available. Estuary Logistics is a British company specializing in helping deliver time sensitive cargo by any and all means necessary, ensuring deliveries are made on time and under budget. Last year they won a BIFA award for their work, which has catapulted them from strength to strength into the best growth figures in the company's history, all thanks to a unique way of doing business.

The company was honoured last year by the British International Freight Association as the 'best in industry' for Ocean Freight in the Freight Service Awards 2014. The award was won thanks to what was then a new logistics optimisation programme for its clients.

That same program has helped the Bifa Award Winners to create impressive improvements on behalf of their existing clients and has also made them the most competitive company, getting the best results in the current market, meaning new clients have gravitated to them taking advantage of the new system.

A spokesperson for Estuary Logistics explained, "Estuary Logistics is thrilled to be able to report our most exciting growth figures ever, and we would like to thank BIFA for the recognition that has helped made it possible. At the heart of all our progress, and our award, was a simple idea that we could always do better on behalf of our customers, and in figuring out how, we are now able to offer an unparalleled service to all customers. The growth numbers are very encouraging, and we look forward to keeping the ball rolling by welcoming new clients throughout the rest of 2015."

About Estuary Logistics
Estuary Logistics is an Award winning end to end logistical and warehousing solutions company, with the capacity to handle high volume, time sensitive shipments. The company are capable of collecting from anywhere in the world via any means of transport be it sea, air or land and can use whatever means necessary to get logistics completed on time and within budget.

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