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Miswak Club See Upswing in Sales as Their Kits Becomes the Best Gift Ideas for Women This Summer

Miswak Club enables women to naturally whiten their teeth using an organic, traditional solution to brushing teeth, thanks to its unique blend of naturally occurring chemicals.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2015 -- When individuals are looking for gift ideas for women, they often think of cosmetics products or perfumes, stuffed with artificial chemicals to create an artificial result. However, what many women want is something more authentic, and it doesn't get more authentic than a beautiful natural smile. For this reason, the young start-up Miswak Club is seeing high demand for their Miswak kit, which enables people to reconnect with amazing capabilities the world's oldest natural toothbrush.

The Miswak contains antiseptics to kill harmful microorganisms and bacteria. It also contains silica to remove stains and deposits, sodium bicarbonate essential in most modern toothpastes, resin which reinforces enamel and essential oils which perfume the mouth and promote healthy saliva. The effect is naturally whiter, naturally stronger teeth and better oral health. To incentivize individuals to make their first purchase, every new visitor to the site has 48 hours to order to receive a 20% discount on their first Miswak kit.

The Miswak Club's kit has been exceedingly popular with those searching for mother's day gift ideas, as well as more broadly looking for unique gifts for women, thanks to its natural and organic nature, authentic and traditional values and outstanding results. The natural toothbrush by Miswak Club is more effective in reducing plaque and gum disease than a toothbrush, and whitens teeth too.

A spokesperson for explained, "This is a powerful, natural and effective teeth whitening solution that can give women the gift of a dazzling natural smile. A smile in itself is powerful, releasing pleasure chemicals in the brain as well as making people feel more confident and outgoing. In this way, the Miswak is a portal to greater life satisfaction, not just whiter teeth. We forget what a profound effect our mouths have on our lives, and by returning to nature, we can regain the natural strength that has been lost to chemical-laden commercial alternatives."

About Miswak Club
Miswak Club have created the perfect, all-natural teeth whitening kit. The kit comes in a hand packaged, beautifully designed box ideal for gifting, and contains two premium grade Miswaks with carry cases. Gentle scrubbing up and down with the natural bristles will help make teeth whiter, and mouths feel fresher, cleaner and lighter. The product comes with a 120 day money back guarantee.

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