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7 Creative Writing Blogs Every Writer Should Read: New Column Reveals Best Writing Blogs for Novelists

In his new column, author Michael Rogan shares his 7 favorite creative writing blogs novelists and fiction writers can use to boost their craft - and learn more about the publishing business.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2015 -- Creative writing blogs are a fantastic resource for fiction writers. (And not just as a way to avoid doing some actual writing.) According to Michael Rogan, founder of Self Pub Nation, and author of more than 30 books, creative writing blogs can be a fantastic way for fiction writers to stay motivated - as well as learn writing techniques from professional scribes.

"Creative writing blogs have come a long way from the early days of the Internet, when writers would set up a BlogSpot account and just start riffing," says Rogan. "Today's creative writing blogs, especially the goode ones, provide information on both the craft and the business of fiction writing."

That's why Rogan put together his new column, "7 Must-Read Creative Blogs for Fiction Writers." In it he tries to steer novelists and short story writers through the turbulent waters of the digital world - and give them some go-to resources they can use to boost their writing game.

"There are some fantastic blogs out there, such as J.A. Konrath's blog and Neil Gaiman's blog, that give you a real hands-on look at what it's like - and what it takes to be a working fiction writer," says Rogan. "Even blogs like 'The Book Designer' and 'Galley Cat' give you a real 'inside baseball' look at how the publishing industry works."

And that, to Rogan, is the real magic of these creative writing blogs. Bridging the gap between would-be writer and professional scribbler.

"Who knows? Maybe in a couple of years the readers of these blogs will end up having blogs of their own," says Rogan. "And they can keep the knowledge going down the line for a long, long time."

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