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Car Pro Jerry Reynolds Takes 2015 Nissan Murano Platinum for an in-Depth Test Drive

Nissan's persistence finally pays off, as the 2015 Murano lives up to the SUV promise the company has been pursuing for a dozen-plus years, Car Pro Jerry Reynolds reports


League City, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2015 -- Just in time for Independence Day, the Car Pro, one of the country's most trusted automotive authorities, takes a look at the American-assembled 2015 Nissan Murano Platinum. Bringing his 35 years of automotive industry experience to bear on the popular sport utility vehicle, Car Pro Jerry Reynolds finds a lot to like in what Nissan posed as a 2015 reimagining of the venerable SUV line. Reynolds was impressed as much by the new Murano's plush interior and comfortable ride as by its gratifying fuel economy, giving the 2015 Platinum edition a rarely seen, perfect 5-star rating.

"There's no question that Nissan has been working hard to turn the Murano into something that would really resonate with drivers," Car Pro Jerry Reynolds observed, "With this year's Platinum-trim version of the car, Nissan's hard work has truly paid off. It's not often that I'm able to give such an enthusiastic recommendation for a vehicle with such underwhelming ancestors. I'm happy to say, though, that the current popularity of the 2015 Murano is well-deserved on all fronts."

Eager to cash in on what was then a rapidly-growing American appetite for sport utility vehicles, Japanese automaker Nissan introduced the first version of its Murano at the end of 2002. That car, along with its next few successors, however, failed to make much of an impression on the market. Some critics even characterized early Murano output as lacking in the refinement and quality of construction that Nissan had forged a strong reputation for delivering.

One of the country's most respected car reviewers and analysts for decades, Car Pro Jerry Reynolds mostly concurred in those downbeat takes on the original Murano models. Even in relatively recent years, Reynolds has informed listeners of his nationwide weekend Car Pro radio show, the Murano has always come up lacking in some important way, perennially leaving it as, at best, a second-tier choice in a crowded lineup of SUV options.

For 2015, however, Nissan had something new and surprising in store for the Murano. Building on the smaller improvements to the car that it had been piling up for more than a decade, the company launched what impressed both critics and buyers as a highly successful reimagining of the Murano. With sleek new exterior styling that contributes directly to the car's impressive fuel economy, as Car Pro Jerry Reynolds notes in his brand new review at, the 2015 Murano is an SUV that seems perfectly attuned to the modern American buyer.

In addition to putting the Platinum edition of the 2015 Nissan Murano through its paces in both an exhaustive text review and a snappy video feature, Car Pro Jerry Reynolds also lines up some high-performing dealers for website visitors who might be interested in test-driving the car themselves. Like the Car Pro's car reviews, Car Pro Car Dealer Reviews give fans practical, useful information that can help improve their shopping experiences. The new Nissan Murano review can be found at the Car Pro website, where readers will also found local station listings and air times for Reynolds' weekly Car Pro radio show.

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