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Addiction Treatment Group Operates as a No Cost Treatment Referral Program


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/13/2015 -- Battling an addiction is an uphill climb. With reliance on willpower to get the help needed to reach sobriety, there is a lot to overcome. To avoid the grueling process of trying to be accepted into a rehab facility, Addiction Treatment Group operates as a no-cost treatment referral program to ensure all individuals suffering from an addiction will receive the help they need.

No matter the situation that is faced, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Once individuals realize the hurt and anguish they are causing their family and friends, they begin to search for alcohol addiction treatment centers in Bucks County. The representatives from Addiction Treatment Group understand the anxiety that is present when trying to battle the addiction without assistance, and work with addicts through every step of the process.

When contacting the firm, their representatives will communicate with facilities and rehabs on their client's behalf. They take insurance information of their clients to complete services with the utmost confidentiality; counselors can only assist individuals with approved insurance. Currently, the company cannot help individuals with Medicare, state insurance or no insurance. The counselors will obtain insurance approval within 24 hours.

Every family that is struggling with addiction knows how stubborn addicts can be. If in a situation where the individual doesn't want to get help, Addiction Treatment Group will provide critical intervention services to help motivate the addict into seeking outside help. Drugs and alcohol can tear many families apart before help is sought.

When complying with the assistance of Addiction Treatment Group, they will help find reputable alcohol treatment centers in Philadelphia at no extra cost. Whether interested in taking control of tackling an addiction, or seeking information for a friend or loved one, the firm is ready to help. Get started on the path to recovery today.

About Addiction Treatment Group
Substance abuse and addiction is a growing problem in many families. It is a difficult subject to bring up, but it is important to know that there is help just a phone call away. Whether suffering from an addiction or living with an addict, Addiction Treatment Group helps individuals get into the best recovery programs at no cost. Their services include critical interventions, substance abuse recovery, guidance to treatment centers, and sober companions to help clients avoid the temptations through recovery. The firm helps families through the process, and the counselors are committed to their patient's well-being.

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