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The Turtle Bunker Ball Will Redefine the Way Children Play


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2015 -- There is an immense number of children's toys on the market today, and the number is very rapidly growing. Unfortunately, many these products are unsafe or poorly constructed. In recent years, injuries, deaths, and recalls have brought the safety of children's toys under much scrutiny. In addition, more emphasis has been placed on helping children with sensory disorders find toys that don't trigger outbursts.

In order to solve the safety problem that plagues many toys while still offering an exciting and fun toy for children, Bobby Blanks developed the idea of an inflatable, giant bouncy ball for children to play in. The toy would be safe, therapeutic, and tons of fun. Thus the Turtle Bunker Ball was born. Designed as an inflatable, ventilated shelter with nylon mesh panels to allow for easy air flow, the Turtle Bunker Ball places the safety of children above all else. A cutting-edge cut-and-sewn vinyl weighted pocket keeps the ball from rolling while children are playing, eliminating the risk of injury or death due to rolling. The specially constructed mesh vinyl panels provide views into and out of the ball, while also ensuring proper air flow at all times. Not only is the toy well-designed for safety, but only the best components are utilized to ensure the quality of every Turtle Bunker Ball.

With the Turtle Bunker Ball, children are able to play safely and securely inside or outside. Parents need not be concerned about the safety of their children while inside the extremely well-designed and constructed toy. The inside of the ball is spacious enough for children to bring other toys inside. From an awesome bouncy fort to a gathering area for stuffed animals, the possibilities for the Turtle Bunker Ball are absolutely endless. The ball encourages children to utilize their imagination, an extremely important aspect in the development of the brain. It also promotes sensory stimulation, particularly touch, which has potential benefits for children with sensory disorders. The children who have played with the Turtle Bunker Ball have absolutely loved it. Because the Turtle Bunker Ball is so versatile and can be used indoors or outdoors, it is sure to be a hit among children of all ages and sizes.

About The Turtle Bunker Ball
The Turtle Bunker Ball is an amazing and unique product that will revolutionize the safe toy industry. Several people have already contributed to the design and creation of the Turtle Bunker Ball. Donations are needed in order to produce the Turtle Bunker Ball for consumers everywhere and bring the product to market. Unique incentives are being offered for donations, such as custom-printed Turtle Bunker Ball hats and t-shirts, as well as free Turtle Bunker Balls.

Visit for more information about the product and donate to help pay for production costs. Photos and videos of children enjoying the endless entertainment provided by the Turtle Bunker Ball can be viewed as well. Don't miss the chance to help the future of safe toys become a staple of every child's toy collection!

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Address: Atlanta, Georgia 30315