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How to Sell a Screenplay (Even if You're Miles Away from Hollywood): New Column Reveals Secrets to Selling a Screenplay

Former screenplay reader and founder of ScriptBully magazine offers strategies screenwriters can use to learn how to sell a screenplay - even if they're 3000 miles away from Hollywood.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2015 -- One of the biggest questions new screenwriters have - beyond how the heck did they make three Transformers movies - is how to sell a screenplay. (And even if it's possible to sell a screenplay if they don't call Los Angeles home.)

But according to Michael Rogan, former screenplay reader and founder of ScriptBully magazine, living in Hollywood is not the important requirement to selling a screenplay.

Instead, it's presenting your screenplay is a professional, and not sucky way.

"Living in Los Angeles helps get you a couple of meetings and meet some folks at industry events," says Rogan. "But really development folks are just looking for talent. And if you've got the goods, then you could live in an igloo in Nova Scotia for all they care."

This doesn't mean would-be professional screenwriters should spend all their time isolated in their hometown. ("Ya gotta come out to Los Angeles at some point, if only to have something to gripe about.") But with a couple of industry hacks - online screenwriting courses and film festival panels - the out-of-town screenwriter can learn the rules of the game.

All while utilizing their biggest screenwriting asset.

Many of the scripts written by L.A. screenwriters follow a pretty standard formula," says Rogan. "Many industry folks are looking for something fresh and innovative."

"And it's hard to be fresh and innovative when you spend all your time trying to get a table at Wolfgang Puck's."

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