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Writing a Movie with Characters That Engage Readers: How to Write a Movie with Characters That Don't Suck

In his new column, former screenplay reader, Michael Rogan, shares strategies for writing a movie that not only entertains - but also keeps readers guessing every step of the way.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2015 -- Writing a movie is a monumental task. (And any screenwriter who is able to push all the way from "Fade In" to "Fade Out" should be commended.)

But according to Michael Rogan, former screenplay reader and founder of ScriptBully magazine, finishing a movie script is just the first step to screenwriting success. Writing a movie with characters actually "do something but sit there" is probably the biggest key to a successful screenplay.

"There are a ton of newbie screenwriters out there who churn out awesome dialogue and interesting turning points," says Rogan. "But one thing their stories lack is a sense of urgency. Of character not just sitting and having a cup of tea."

That's why Rogan wrote a column, "Writing a Movie With Characters That MOVE!" to help would-be film scribes put some pro-level screenwriting craft into their stories.

"One of the quickest giveaways that a screenplay is written by an amateur is to have characters just sit there, chewing up scenary," says Rogan. "Which is said, because the fix is pretty darn easy."

The "fix" Rogan refers to is changing the perspective of the story from wide to close up, and to map out scenes with action figures. "I know it sounds nuts, but it totally works."

And it's Rogan's hope that with a little forethought - and perhaps an action figure session or two - that screenwriters are able to bring some much-needed tension and energy to their script. (That can then translate into a possible sale.)

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